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I couldn’t have made my title more concise, could I? Ahahaha.


Anyway, I have the patterns all sort of written up in my notebook, since I try to jot things down as I’m crocheting so I don’t forget. I was thinking of taking more pictures first, but… eh. School’s getting really busy and everything, so I thought I should do this now since I have a little bit of time, or else you guys would have to wait for an eternity. This one was especially easy, so my lazy self decided to post this first, so here you go!

Again, this is a REALLY EASY pattern! I made it in under an hour, and what took the longest was either the legs (because I haaaaate crocheting small, tiny, tight stitches…) or the tail, I can’t remember which.



(that’s my rather crappy, Valencia-filtered picture from Instagram. Sorry I haven’t had the time to take better pictures. I’ll update this post with new ones as soon as I have them, pinky promise!)





- Yarn

  • A: Worsted weight, brown colour (body) (Don’t fret too much about the yarn weight, because I’m doing something weird with it in awhile - you’ll see.)
  • B: Worsted weight, white colour (contrasting body colour) (I used Red Heart Super Saver in White (or Soft White? Ahhh, not much difference anyways) but again, don’t worry about the weight, and read on.)

- Hooks

  • US E
  • US G

- Frame (I used a cabochon frame (you can read about that here)

- Poly-fil

- Hot glue gun (to stick it to the frame)

- Yarn needle (unless you’re very good at using a crochet hook to do the sewing bits - I did this for awhile because I lost all 3 of my needles at one point and IT DROVE ME NUTS. But yeah it is possible though, to do without a yarn needle; just very time consuming).

(Remember that these aren’t materials that you absolutely-have-to-get-or-else-the-project-will-be-ruined or anything like that. This isn’t baking, or making some fancy stroganoff or something (sorry if I offended any bakers/chefs out there - I just have zero affinity with the kitchen, and I get especially mad when a recipe calls for 1 tiny pinch of some weird alien ingredient and it costs a jillion kaboodles so I try to skip it or worse, substitute it, and I end up with gross gloop… it’s all my own fault, I know, but it’s just a personal pet peeve of mine. NOOOO I RANTED AGAIN SHIT).  Get creative, and more likely than not, since you’re probably a DIY-er/crafter/whatever, you’ll find stuff lying around that you can use.)


With yarn A,

1. 3 sc in magic ring (3)
2. Inc in each st around (6)
3. (Sc, inc) 3 times (9)
4. (2 sc, inc) 3 times (12)
5-7. Sc in each st around (12 each round)

Legs (make 2)
With yarn A, (okay here’s the weird thing I did! Because this amigurumi is so small, I halved the ply here. In other words, I basically manually split the yarn into two and crocheted with a smaller hook so that I could make something smaller, easier. Do people do this? I’m sure I’m not the only one…)

1. 3 sc in magic ring
2-9. Sc in each st around (3 each round)

With yarn A (I did this one with the 1/2 ply yarn too),

Ch 5,
1. 4 sc from the 2nd st from the hook. Ch 1, turn.
2. Sc, dec, sc. Ch 1, turn.
3. Dec3tog, turn.
4. Ch 3, sl st.

(because this is just so weird sounding, I’m going to draw a diagram for this like I did for the lion, once I get my hands on my laptop.)

EDIT: Here it is!


For the white part of the tail, go crazy doing loop stitches all along one side. It’s not an exact science.

White belly patch
With yarn B (I halved the ply for this too! Just because the only white yarn I had was worsted weight. See what I mean about being resourceful?),

Ch 4,
1. 3 sc from 2nd st from hook
2. 3 sc along the back ridge of the initial ch 4 row, sl st.

Alright!! Now sew it all together, add the little spots (I’m forgetting what they’re called… I know they are called something specific, but I can’t remember, argh!), glue it to your frame, and TADA! CUTE FAWN BUTT READY FOR DISPLAY! :D

Show it off to the world!

I welcome any questions regarding the ambiguous pattern; I tried my best to make sense, but I know that it’s not crystal. I remember how upsetting it is to find a really awesome, free pattern, and then realize that it’s completely unintelligible. So ask away and I’ll be more than happy to help!

Also, same rules apply - I’m giving this pattern to you FOR FREE, guys. Please be respectful and considerate, and use this only for personal purposes. To be really clear about it, please don’t sell my pattern, sell stuff you’ve made from my pattern, sell part of my pattern, WHATEVER. If you modify my pattern substantially such that it becomes your own, I suppose that’s okay. But when in doubt, just ask me first! I promise to respond speedily. I’ll be more than happy, though, if you decide to share my pattern with others, or make stuff with my pattern to give away because that’s awesome. Don’t be a thieving shitface. Please. Also, if you made something with my pattern, I would be so glad if you’d share it with me on my facebook page because it makes me really happy!

Yeah I think that’s all.

I love you guys!


P.S. Here’s an adorable Bambi gif. Just because.


P.P.S. Here’s an adorable gif of Tom Hiddleston. I posted this on my personal tumblr, but IT’S TOO AWESOME NOT TO SHARE EVERYWHERE! Becausehe’sawesomeandIovehim.

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